About Us

Kymberli Boynton Owner/Director



Kymberli has over 40 years experience in the Performing Arts and Education field.  She is well-rounded in Dance, Music, Vocals, and Theater.

 Kymberli has performed in various casinos throughout the Las Vegas area,  backup dancer for Paula Abdul's "Knocked Out" video, and has appeared on various TV shows such as CBS "Young & the Restless", Fox TV "Singsations" and "The Voice"and much more.  

Kymberli was trained and mentored by Whitney Houston's Aunt, Ms. Marlene Dove and has since worked with several celebrities in various capacities of the entertainment world.  

Kymberli holds an AA in Journalism & Music, BA in Liberal Arts, MA in Education and Psychology and is President for the Patron of the Arts for Cypress College.  

Kymberli teaches the Vocal, Piano and Theater courses for PPAA.  

Amanda Wellcome Dance Director



Amanda is no stranger to the performing arts industry.  She's been performing since the age of 4 years old and is trained in dance and theater.  

Amanda attended Renaissance School of Arts and is currently in her Junior year of college at Ashford University, where she is getting her BS in Forensic Psychology.  

Amanda is an amazing, creative and unique choreographer.  She has a natural flare for the music and is loved and inspired from her students, staff and peers.

Amanda specializes in various dance styles, tap, ballet, modern, Bollywood, Polynesian, Latin, African, swing & more.  She also does all choreography for our Musical Productions.

Kaelen Boynton Certified Sound Technician


OJ Wilson Lighting Technician


Emani Acosta-Tautalo Photographer/Videographer


Sandra Endsley Costume Design