Vocal Courses

Step Out of the Singing in the Shower

Feel more comfortable and enjoy expressing yourself with your singing voice! In this class, you’ll receive warm, supportive guidance, building camaraderie with fellow students and the teacher as we begin with a solid foundation in technique and then apply those basic ideas in guided group singing of classic songs. Topics covered include fundamentals of posture and breathing, vowels and consonants, resonance and tone, as well as basic principles of singing a song. We’ll craft an opening warm-up with exercises that will begin the development of your voice and then have fun using the skills we cover to sing songs. 


Vocal Courses

Natural Breathing = HEALTHY TECHNIQUE


 There cannot be enough said about the importance of singing with proper vocal technique.  Our vocal instructors will teach you the proper technique of singing and how to use your singing and speaking voice in a healthy and natural way.  Voice lessons will teach you the proper breath support needed to optimize vocal potential in a way that will not damage your vocal folds.  There are so many singers who try to affect their voice in order to mimic other singers and performers.  This often causes serious damage to vocal chords particularly when the singer they were trying to copy wasn't singing correctly to begin with.  We have several things that you will find make our voice lessons unique. 

Building Confidence


 There is not a more powerful tool in building confidence than overcoming the fear of public performance and public speaking. Vocal lessons teach students to control and train their body to relax while performing. Anxiety and performance-induced stress often translates into bad vocal performances. Many singers find themselves great singers in smaller, informal settings - in the recording studio or even the shower - and often find it challenging or impossible to reproduce the same quality performance in front of a larger audience.  Our teachers will teach you how to overcome this fear and to release your inner confidence and full musical potential. 

Voice & Piano Lessons Together


 We also offer the option for students to take piano lessons in addition to their voice lessons. Students will find this useful because basic piano skills will enable them to accompany themselves while playing as well as with music theory and songwriting. Younger students will also find the piano lesson addition to be very valuable.  Advanced vocal technique can't fully be addressed and taught unless the voice has matured so the technical portion of the lesson in younger children is limited. By learning to play an instrument simultaneously students get the opportunity to development musicianship and musical understanding in tandem with their vocal training.  Besides, all of the modern observations about the benefits of learning music have been observed on those who were playing an instrument and reading notes....and who wouldn't want that for their child?    


Private Lessons



If you feel that you need the undivided attention of your teacher and that you work well in intimate settings, private singing lessons has just what you’re looking for! 

Our lessons are designed specifically to unleash the natural singer within each of our students. Our expert instructors will train your musical ear, expand your artistic ability, and work with you personally to help you carve your path toward rewarding musical success! These lessons are private so that the student can freely work through different blocks, artistic issue or other impediments so they can achieve their best results in the medium that they choose to sing.

Our Private Singing Lessons will supply you with the tools you need to reveal your own unique voice, giving you the ability to share your story in a truly soulful and organic way. These lessons are taught on a holistic mind, body and spirit level, in each level there lies a lesson and task that the student will need to tackle and absorb with their instructor. 

You will leave each lesson with a new and improved sense of your vocal power, range, and style. You will also acquire a mastery of voice dynamics, advanced body breathing, and singing with pro placement.  With this holistic approach to singing, you will exhibit more freedom and confidence in your voice with greater dynamics and pliability. By mindfully and efficiently working with your instructor to strengthen all aspects of your voice, you will begin to understand the true meaning of singing. 

You will leave ready to create gorgeous, compelling records and perform enthralling concerts in musical styles such as R&B, Soul, Jazz, Gospel, Rock, and Pop.

Gain power and efficiency while unlocking your innate talent

Beginning Vocals


 Do you love music and singing but not too sure where, to begin with, your musical journey? Do you have a sweet voice but can’t do the things you want to do with it? Are you lacking confidence on stage? If you have any of these problems,  our beginner singing lessons! 

The Beginners Singing Lessons are the perfect classes for you, These lessons are perfect for singers who have not done much technical work on their voice and are a new face to the vocalist scene. You may not have done many performances or maybe not even sang seriously before. You may have sung before but have not been satisfied with the results. Whatever the case may be, The Vocal Workout will ensure that we assist you in eliminates all of these issues and move you onto becoming one of the greatest stars in your selected genre. 

We are proud to say that all of our students show improvement in so many different areas including confidence, pitch, style, and singing techniques after taking our beginners course. This course will help you gain a new sense of faith that you can achieve your dreams and you can be the singer you desire to be. 

Begin your journey to your desired future, create a foundation that is necessary to become the best you can be, begin to find your sound and your purpose in your music! Begin your journey toward changing the world we leave in, note by note. 

Intermediate Vocals


Are you a singer who understands the basic and fundamental skills that are necessary for being a stable vocalist? Are you past beginner singing lessons, but still not ready to take on an advanced singing class? Have you have had some form of instruction and absorbed that but still need some guidance in certain areas? Do you still need some instruction on how to reveal the best you possible?

We have the class for you! 

Intermediate Vocal Lessons are perfect for the singer who isn’t new to singing, but isn’t a master just yet! It is common that when most singers get their first glimpse of vocal achievement they want to see more, and continuing to train yourself plays a huge part in making routine vocal. It’s very important, as vocalists, that we stay on top of our voice and what we need to do to keep it strong and growing! It is very discouraging to feel like you’ve hit a plateau in your voice and your improvement,  We will never let you forget that it will only get better for you if you give your voice the attention it needs.

Advance Vocals


Advanced Voice Lessons are the most challenging lesson package we offer. 

These lessons are designed to help seasoned professionals maintain their expert level skills and sing like a star. This will also help with deepening tone.   They help to maintain your breath while under pressure and during physical activity such as dancing in a performance setting.

Advanced Singing Lessons have been taken by esteemed musicians and help our students prepare for auditions beyond college. These lessons will also assist in perfecting stage presence and harnessing your unique musical style.

Show Choir


 Show choir is the combination of song and dance within a performance. Our show choir classes gradually increase in level of difficulty, challenging our students as they grow older, and allow them to experience a wide variety of song and dance. 

** Must also be enrolled in Jazz dance class

10 Things About Singing Lessons At Polaris

 1. We are not interested in changing your “sound”. Every singer has a unique sound. We want to help you discover your entire voice, develop it and learn to care for it.

2. Make a commitment. If you want to see results, you need to commit to lessons for at least 6 months. Taking only a couple of lessons with any teacher will leave you confused and frustrated. Change and improvement take time. There are no shortcuts. (What benefit would going to 3 yoga classes be? Would your body change in only 3 sessions?)

3. Perform. Have an outlet to use and hone your new skills. Join a choir, sing at church or perform karaoke with friends. Without performance related goals you have absolutely no reason to practice. Your progress will be slow and you will soon quit lessons.

4. Technique is never perfected. Ever. Even for professional vocalists. There will always be small corrections to make which help you sing and perform better. Explore your sound and your vocal ability with an open mind.

5. You want correction (See #4) Correction does not mean you are a bad singer. If you are serious about being a great singer, you want your voice teacher to offer as much correction as possible. Do not leave your lesson without something new and challenging to work on. Explore your sound and your vocal ability with an open mind.

6. We need to hear mistakes. The notes you can’t sing very well. The exercises that you struggle with. When we can identify the weaknesses, we can work on them effectively.

7. You need to sing out without hesitation. We need to hear all of your voice. This includes the bad notes and sounds that make you uncomfortable. When you can sing out without fearing mistakes, your vocal lessons will get interesting (and effective.)

8. Challenge yourself. Singing only songs you like is fun in the beginning. Try singing something completely out of your comfort zone. That is how you grow, improve and learn.

9. Make Peace with Your Voice. If you honestly “Hate the sound of your voice…”, don’t bother with lessons. We won’t be able to help you. (See #4, #5, #6, #7)

10. We want to work with you – not against you. Trust that we are trying to help you as best we know how. Are you willing to work with us? Will you listen to us and apply the suggestions we are offering? Are you ready for singing lessons? 



When can my voice lessons begin?

How does scheduling work? 
Monday through Saturday. All lessons are scheduled individually on those days. Call or email us with to find out immediate availability. You can also schedule online on our Contact US page

What is the Tuition and Costs?
There is a one-time non-refundable registration fee of $45 ($25 if you 'Like Us' on Facebook). Lesson packages are available in 30 min. and 1-hr increments.  You can read all of our rates on our tuition page. 

What if I am tone deaf or I have never had voice lessons or even sung before?
Anyone can learn to sing anytime. This is the one instrument we all have and although every voice is different, everyone can learn to use his or her own voice in their own unique way.

Do you offer professional vocal training as well? 
Yes. We have students go on to gain acceptance to major collegiate music programs, professional musical shows, television roles, and popular bands.

Do I get to perform and must I participate in the performance opportunities?
We offer many opportunities for students to perform during the course of the year. Students have the option of performing but are not obligated to do so.

Do you offer Trial Lessons?
Yes!  You do have the option to have a ONE TIME trial lesson with a teacher before committing to a longer term set of lessons. 

How much should students practice?
It is very important to have daily practice so that the techniques learned in lessons are retained. Regularity is more valuable than duration, especially at the beginning of taking lessons. Practice time can range based on the level of the student from 15 minutes to 3 hours a day. Our teachers will work with students to come up and recommend a practice schedule for students.