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Derek Stroup  reviewed Polaris Performing Arts Academy — 5 star June 14 at 7:52 AM

 My daughter absolutely loves going to Polaris Arts. The staff are all really great people with lots of patience. I have not seen my daughter so excited to leave our care in such a long time! The camp seems to be great for my daughter to channel her energy and put it to great use. We love seeing her grow and learn all the things Polaris Arts are teaching her. Watching all the videos of the rehearsals is super exciting to see how amazing all the kids are doing and how great the staff is doing teaching them to perform and learn all the dances, scripts, and acting pieces. Thank you for having such an AMAZING program and taking great care of my munchkin!  

[5.0 star rating] 9/3/2017

 The entire staff were down to earth and nice. They helped one of my younger cousin's friend to enjoy dancing. Not only it is done in studios, but it is also done live for many venues and other nearby locations. I am glad to see so much success from them and will spread the word.

Ken N. Garden Grove, California

[5.0 star rating] 7/12/2016

 The performing arts program is great for all ages. I went to the grand-opening of the performing arts academy and I watched people perform. performances including dancing, singing. Ages ranged from teen-seniors. I watched her perform at the Latin evening concert@Cypress College. She had a beautiful voice I am looking forward to working with her this year in her new studio In long beach. Come join us for the fun!!

Tammi S. Huntington Beach, California Reviews Karen Ascencio Sun Nov 27 2016

 PPAA has been great for our family. Our teens participated in a musical production and then were given volunteer opportunities for other productions to work backstage as stage crew. 

PPAA also choreographed and held rehearsals for our wedding party surprise dance routine. We appreciate the instructors and directors. 

Phear Jenkins Mon Nov 28 2016

 I love everything about her services. She's dedicated and enjoys working around children. I love that my daughter enjoys being around other kids as well having respect for her elders. She is an awesome teacher.